Last night, an intoxicated pedestrian caused an accident resulting in a 5-car pileup on a Buffalo freeway.

According to witness, 53-year-old Derek Lawrence appeared on the side of the 15-freeway during rush-hour traffic at approximately 5:45 PM. Lawrence was heavily intoxicated and appeared to be severely impaired.

The 53-year-old had entered the freeway and made several attempts to cross by walking through the busy traffic on foot. Several motorists had to swerve to avoid hitting Lawrence with their vehicles and called 911 to report the man’s unsafe activities.

Lawrence eventually caused an accident when a motorist had to abruptly swerve into the next lane to avoid striking the intoxicated man with his car. The driver collided with another motorist setting in motion a 5-car pileup.

Police and emergency responders arrived shortly after the accident occurred and Lawrence was arrested. Though there was an estimated $15,000 worth of damage among the 5 vehicles involved, none of the motorists were seriously injured. A passenger riding in one of the vehicles involved in the accident sustained a broken wrist and is said to have suffered the worst injury.

Though the Lawrence is in police custody, it’s currently unknown what charges have been brought against him or exactly what was his motivation for entering the freeway on foot.